Einträge getaggt mit Partizipation

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Eine Online-Alternative zum TV-Duell erproben die Demokraten in Massachusetts im Vorwahlkampf. Ausgangspunkt ist die Erhebung und Hierarchisierung von Fragen an die Kandidaten durch die Nutzer. Mehr bei TechPresident.

(Quelle: opendebatequestions.com)

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Most of the time, there is a huge disconnect between government and public. For years governments in the United States and Europe have been throwing money (away) at so-called e-government initiatives aimed at engaging the public, with the primary result of fattening lots of consultants’ and designers’ wallets. Most “e-government” platforms are relative ghost-towns. Meanwhile, as the Pew Center on the Internet & Public Life keeps reporting, the level of public discussion of politics online keeps rising—just not in places where it connects in any meaningful way with actual decision-makers.
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Eine Reaktion auf die Popularität der Todesstern-Petition? “Starting today, as we move into a second term, petitions must receive 100,000 signatures in 30 days in order to receive an official response from the Obama Administration.”

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